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I like clever, witty, humor which includes about a third of the skits from Saturday Night Live, old episodes of M*A*S*H, New Yorker Cartoons, Captain Underpants, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

Kami Kinard

(Besides all the normal stuff like family, friends, health, peace, love and all that.)



I have just enough talent to be frustrated by what I can envision, but can’t do. That’s right, I’m a frustrated artist! I enjoyed painting the cute pictures to the right, but I could never paint something very realistic or truly beautiful.

Hot Tamales!

I have a weakness for these cinnamon candies. When I am working hard on a revision, it usually takes me a box of these to make it through.

Children’s Literature!

When I snuggle down with a good book, the main character is hardly ever old enough to vote.

The color black!

I keep thinking about moving to an all-black wardrobe, just to make life easier…

Favorite Things


It doesn’t matter whether words, colors, shapes, or flavors are put together in an unusual way, I love the creation of new ideas. My daughter and I like making things together and we have a craft blog to showcase some of these ideas.

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